Chapter one

You need a refresher on the plot of The Hunger Games? We’re so glad you asked. Everything at home in District 12 has changed, including Katniss’ relationship with Gale. She and Peeta still have to pretend they’re an item, although her feelings for Gale are totally unresolved. Before Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch leave town for the Victory Tour they’re traditionally obligated to take, President Snow stops by to warn Katniss that he’s watching her. He doesn’t want to see any more rebellious stunts. Somewhat daunted, Katniss prepares for the tour.

Underdogs Never Lose

Origins[ edit ] The idea for the trilogy was based in part on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur , in which each year seven boys and seven girls from Athens are sent to Crete as tributes to that land to be devoured by the Minotaur, a cycle that continues until Theseus kills the Minotaur. Collins, who heard the story when she was eight years old, was unsettled by its ruthlessness and cruelty. Collins said, “In her own way, Katniss is a futuristic Theseus.

Collins knew some of this background from her father, who grew up in the Great Depression and was forced to hunt to augment a scanty food supply, although Collins saw her father bring home food from the wild during her own childhood as well.

The Beta Couple is present in the backdrop of many Romantic Comedies and Dramas with The Hero of the story looking at wooing their Love Interest, to provide a Foil to his/her efforts you will see one of their closest friends have a remarkably easier time getting together. This “simpler” pairing is the Beta Couple. The Beta Couple is always a secondary pairing (and foil) to the primary.

Marketing[ edit ] On November 16, , the first teaser trailer was released with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 and revealed the official logo and tagline for the film. On January 11, , Entertainment Weekly released a Preview edition of their magazine, with the first look of Lawrence as Katniss and Claflin as Finnick on the cover as well as several stills showcasing scenes from the film. PN, a promotional site for the film’s fashion and culture, opened and could only be unlocked with a passcode.

Once in, a picture of a blue chair appeared and told readers to check back on March 4. On March 4, , the site began to release portraits of the various characters. On April 10, the website was updated and fans had to tweet using the hashtag HungerGamesExplorer to unlock new stills from the movie.

Twist in Love: Katniss/Peeta Fanfic

I am 39 years old. I survived the Hunger Games twice, and a war. It’s been 22 years since the war with Snow.

Vaneria Potter is a fanfiction author that has written stories for Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Silmarillion, Star Wars.

Friday, 5 October The Mating Games: A Fanfiction Review Have you ever read a story, fan fiction or not, so bad that you just can’t help but read it over and over again, no matter how much you try to justify with yourself that it is just another bad piece of writing? It’s hilarious, in my eyes. I started reading this piece of fan fiction last night, just before I finished off the last of Catching Fire.

I really wanted to try out some fan fiction under the Hunger Games name to see what people had waiting for me, and I stumbled up on this little pearl covered in coal dust. I’ve been cracking up ever since. This piece is pretty much all three books rolled into one, in a way. There are a lot of bits and pieces that I recognize from both Hunger Games and Catching Fire, so I will also assume that hints of Mockingjay will be present in the story too. I haven’t ventured too far into the fan fiction to find out, to be honest, and I probably won’t until I have finished the third book, either.

I think one of the things that I find so amusing about this is just how well placed the setting is. I mean, the Mating Games? That’s too perfect, in fact it’s genius! I thought that the concept sounded amazing from the synopsis, I was really dragged in.


What if Peeta had talked to Katniss the day after he gave her the bread? What if they started dating before they were Reaped? What if Gale was so jealous that he did something that would change Katniss’ world? Rated M for later chapters! And my first Hunger Games one at that!

Katniss’s middle sister, 15 year old Charis, was reaped. Along side Peeta Mellark. Without the opportunity to volunteer in place of her sister, Katniss must watch as Charis is forced into the horror of the 74th annual Hunger Games.

Makoto and Motoki become one in the live-action series only, even getting engaged in the finale special. Ryota makes his affection for Ayako very clear and Ayako generally doesn’t mind it unless it interferes with basketball or gets him in trouble. Sakuragi even shows some distress when he notices Ryota’s made more progress with Ayako then he has with Haruko. Princess Amelia of Slayers definitely has feelings for Zelgadis but, due to his quest to recover his human body and being the only serious guy of the group, for the most part he doesn’t remark on it or doesn’t care.

However, she does make him blush a lot, and there are many hints that he cares for her quite deeply, especially in the second season. And the fact that we see that one of Amelia’s wristbands is tied to Zel’s canteen in the credits of the last episode of the third season. Tonari no Kashiwagi-san has Sayaka and Kazuki who often help Kotone and Yuuto along with their stumbling more-than-friends-but-not-quite-going-out relationship, both through direct advice and as a Double Date couple to keep the two from being too nervous, although mostly Yuuto, as Kotone is even more innocent than that.

The main protagonists Sakura and Syaoran were actually the ones with the more simplified relationship as opposed to the ambiguously canon Beta Couple Fai and Kurogane, possibly attributed to the fact that Sakura and Syaoran were carry-overs from the already canon version of themselves in Cardcaptor Sakura , so there was no question that they’d get together.

Whereas Fai and Kurogane were entirely new characters who got their Character Development over the course of Tsubasa. Kouji and Maria are the secondary couple, starting from the last season where Maria was introduced. Duero and Parfait in Vandread. Considering that he’s a medic and she’s a mechanic onboard a Living Ship , their jobs allow them to be close at all times.

Not that they ever do anything beyond compliments and awkward touches

Life After War (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

The Hunger Games novel Peeta is first introduced at the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games, when he is selected as the male tribute representing District 12 alongside female tribute Katniss. Prior to the reaping, Katniss and Peeta had only interacted once: Katniss had always felt indebted to him for this kindness, but never worked up the courage to thank him.

During an interview preceding the Games, Peeta admits on national television to having a long-standing crush on Katniss.

slytherin-nette is a fanfiction author that has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

This is my first Story YAY! I am Katniss Everdeen. I won the 74th and 75th Hunger Games with Peeta Mellark. My sister Primrose died of bombs in the Capitol. I’m not sure if it was the Capitol’s bombs or Gale’s bombs. Gale and I haven’t talked in a few years. I live in victors village with Haymitch Abernethy and Peeta Mellark. Peeta Mellark just asked me on a date. So many things raced through my head. Him proposing to me before The Quarter Quell.

Us agreeing that it was fake. Us agreeing to start all over. But now he wants to remember.

Vaneria Potter

Regardless, The Hunger Games is chock-full of possible psychological analysis. At home, Katniss has a boyfriend, a young man named Gale. Both Katniss and Gale fight against the system in their own way which is increasingly seen as the trilogy continues , and he is always successful at making Katniss feel comforted in a world with no comforts.

“The clacks company was a big bully, sacking people, racking up the charges, demanding lots of money for bad service. The Post Office was the underdog, and an underdog can always find somewhere soft to bite.” With that said, despite their spectacular track record in official tournaments, they tend.

Even though it’s fun to analyze the movie casting news, the most controversial aspect of The Hunger Games will always be the Great Peeta vs. Let’s welcome Smarty Pants Sue W. What, you think you know something about Peeta? You think he’s sweet and kind and eternally devoted to Katniss by pure magic? He is sweet and kind, but his feelings for Katniss come from a very real place. As it happens, Peeta wasn’t even in love. He doesn’t drop his bread for just anyone, though.

Katniss never quite figures out the secrets I am about to share. She’d be the last person to know.

Vaneria Potter

July 25, , Asking for deleted fics and reposting them isn’t right. Your intentions might not be bad- you might only want to enjoy the stories personally- but you’re putting stories back on the web that authors pulled for a reason that was valid to them. In many of these cases- like for Heartsick, the Nightlock MC, The Education of Peeta Mellark- the authors have said that they pulled their stories to convert them into original fiction.

The Beta Couple is present in the backdrop of many Romantic Comedies and Dramas with The Hero of the story looking at wooing their Love Interest, to provide a Foil to his/her efforts you will see one of their closest friends have a remarkably easier time getting together. This “simpler” pairing is the Beta Couple. The Beta Couple is always a secondary pairing (and foil) to the primary.

They had given the tributes a chance to say the final goodbyes, and I had been waiting for almost 10 minutes for my family to show up. Just as I began to think they were never coming, the door swung open, and Katniss, her face plagued with guilt stood before me. Her eyes were red, and her face was swollen from crying. Charis I am so sorry! I couldn’t contain my tears.

I sobbed into her shoulder, tightening my grip onto her sweater. I was angry at her, but I knew there was nothing she could’ve done anyway. It would’ve been nice, at least, to have someone there with me.

Katniss and Peeta Together Forever Chapter 1: The Spark, a hunger games fanfic

These will vary in length a lot. Last Airbender – Rated: T – English – Chapters:

New Katniss and Peeta Barbies and Hunger Games Funko Pops On The Way Sep 23 The Essential Everlark: 50 Influential Works of Fanfiction. Molly A Wed, September 23, Guest Post by Caryn (papofglencoe on tumblr) My First Date with Katniss Everdeen by holymfwickee.

The Hunger Games are finally upon us! While the love triangle between heroine Katniss and her two romantic interests Peeta and Gale runs through the Hunger Games book series, Katniss’s best friend Gale really takes a backseat in the first book and movie as it’s Peeta she shares the game arena with. We swoon for the lovey moments between Katniss and Peeta in the book even if some of the affection was for the Capitol cameras , so we were so excited to see how their chemistry would play out in the movie.

Let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint! And some of the onscreen romantic interactions between the two star-crossed lovers really stood out, since they ventured outside the lines of the book. Check out the romantic moments between Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games movie that weren’t in the book now! There’s a sweet moment when Peeta shows his affection for Katniss by gingerly touching her braid.

When Katniss and Peeta finally address the first time they met, Peeta says, “I think about that all the time. After Peeta makes his surprising revelation during his interview with Caesar that he has a crush on Katniss, she angrily shoves him against the wall.

katniss & peeta II loving you forever, can’t be wrong