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Books Why is sex so hard to put into words? Novelist Maeve Haran’s latest subject is the erotic poet John Donne — but she struggled to write his sex scenes. You’ve invested years of blood, sweat and, in my case, HB pencils in the British Library to construct your tale of deep passion and pent-up desire and now — at last — your central characters are edging towards the bedroom. At which point you start to suffer from writer’s droop. How are you going to encapsulate the earth-moving wonder, the erotic arousal and tender protectiveness of the longed-for moment? Imagine this and multiply it by ten when the main character of your novel, The Lady and The Poet, happens to be John Donne, perhaps the greatest erotic love poet in the English language, whose poetry glitters with clever seductiveness, carnal longing and a subversive delight in sex? Add to the problem the helpful advice from my agent that when Donne and the young woman with whom he falls passionately in love, Ann More, finally make it to the four-poster — “it had better be good! Clearly, in order not to produce something utterly trite or unbelievably naff, I had better see how other, greater writers than me had coped.

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For the most part, women aren’t getting information about men straight from the source. They’re asking other women, listening to so-called relationship experts, and believing statistics. While those sources may be helpful and provide some information, nothing is as accurate as asking men what they think and feel.

Health-care providers, parents and caregivers, schools and others can protect teens from dating violence by helping them define what healthy relationships look like, even before their first date.” Researchers say a study is needed to find out why boys are experiencing an increase in dating violence.

It sounds simple, but why is it so hard? Generally speaking, if someone practices piano daily for two years, they will eventually become quite competent at it. Yet many people spend most of their lives with one romantic failure after another. Why dating and not, say, skiing? Or even our careers? Why is it that a person can conquer the corporate ladder, become a militant CEO, demanding and receiving the respect and admiration of hundreds of brilliant minds, and then flounder through a simple dinner date with a beautiful stranger?

This is true of you. And some of us have a lot of it. The nature and depth of these traumas imprint themselves onto our unconscious and become the map of how we experience love, intimacy and sex throughout our lives. If mom was over-protective and dad was never around, that will form part of our map for love and intimacy.

If we were manipulated or tormented by our siblings and peers, that will imprint itself as part of our self-image. If mom was an alcoholic and dad was screwing around with other women, it will stay with us. These imprints will not only affect, but define, all of our future romantic and sexual relationships as adults.

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Times have changed, and that is a good thing—especially the fading-away of cruel taboos that once stigmatized women who engaged in premarital sex or bore children out of wedlock. Thing is, times change for a reason. The values question assumes that sexual mores loosen naturally from conservative to liberal.

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There are a lot of emotions involved in weddings, and wedding invitation etiquette is at the top of the list. So the more you can boil things down to simple emotionless guidelines, the better. First up, save-the-dates are totally optional. But that notice can come in any number of forms. You can send a save-the-date email, or make save-the-date phone calls.

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By Adelle Waldman But be careful not to be lulled into habits that will undermine your online dating experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you peruse the seemingly endless stream of profiles from prospective partners. On the Internet, it’s easy to feel nitpicky and maintain high expectations.

This was a loaded message and, far from panicking or running to report, the woman’s father would then know that a delegation would be coming to visit so that they can formalise the ‘abduction’.

The team, led by IDC Herzliya psychology professor Gurit Birnbaum, conducted a series of six studies — some experiments and some looking at diary entries — to see whether uncertainty about a partner’s romantic intentions affected how sexually attractive they were perceived to be. In the first study, 51 women and 50 men, aged 19 to 31 and all single, were told they were chatting to another participant online who was in another room. Then they were told their photo would be shown to the other person and they could see a photo of who they were talking to in return.

In reality, the other person in the chat was one of the researchers, and every participant was shown the same photo of someone of the opposite sex. At the end of the chat, participants could send one final message. Some were told their chat partner was waiting for them, while others were told they weren’t. The idea was to create certainty or uncertainty about the online partner’s interest. Then, participants rated their partner’s sexual desirability and how much they wanted to talk to them again.

Those who knew the partner was eager to hear from them perceived them as more sexually attractive than those who were uncertain. The rest of the studies showed a similar pattern — that sexual desire seems to thrive on reduced uncertainty. And this was true for men and women in committed relationships too. So where did the idea come from that playing hard to get is a turn on? According to the study authors, it could all come down to self-preservation.

Birnbaum added that the findings suggest sexual desire may “serve as a gut-feeling indicator of mate suitability that motivates people to pursue romantic relationships with a reliable and valuable partner,” and “inhibiting desire may serve as a mechanism aimed at protecting the self from investing in a relationship in which the future is uncertain.

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We’ve all experienced love. We’ve loved and been loved by parents, brothers, sisters, friends, even pets. But romantic love is different. It’s an intense, new feeling unlike any of these other ways of loving.

Why Marriage is So Hard January 22, “Now, I see, my most constant mistake, is I don’t know what I love till its gone.” You’re sitting smack dab in the middle of the hardest thing in your life—your marriage.

Why are good people the odd ones out? The longer I am alive, the more I become aware of the rarity in encountering a genuine, honest person. I once had this idea that mostly everyone had regard for those around them. I really believed that most people cared about other people, and would therefore act in such a way. Although I still believe that every human, whether or not it is deep down, has a heart and a conscience, I have come to the realization that in fact, most people are not in touch with this essence of their self.

They lie, they steal, and they let you down. They abandon you, they manipulate you, and inflict such pain willingly for their own good or personal gain. The worst part is that we let them. The reason for this, I am not entirely sure. Whether it is love of power, a need to be accepted, fear of failure, or all, but I am sure that it is in this means that we lose the beautiful parts of humanity.

We begin to look for acceptance instead of understanding, lust instead of love, possessions instead of memories and experiences. It is only until it is too late that we come to realize these things come at such a high price. We lose the very thing that makes us most human — our connections with each other. We forget that we are all in this together.

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And then his interest wanes and he starts treating her like an option instead of a priority? When can you let a guy know you are interested! Is dating just one big game?

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Modern Dating Makes It So Hard To Find Someone With A Good Heart

We texted constantly for about five days but then he suddenly stopped. After that it seemed like I always had to initiate the conversations to get a response. It really seemed like he cared so why would he go from talking to be all the time to not talking at all? This type of question has been sent to me hundreds of times and I want to write about this to help you and everyone with this type of situation. And believe it or not, I had a guy send me virtually this same question in hopes that I would discuss it at a speaking engagement.

To answer your question, I want to quickly tell you what I cover in this article:

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Getty Images Not only does exercise help you fit into your favorite jeans and maintain your physical fitness, it also improves your mood, decreases stress, and makes you smarter and more creative. In short, breaking a sweat is essentially a wonder drug for your mental and physical health. But you probably knew that already. What baffles a lot of people isn’t the question of why you should hit the gym, but the puzzle of why, knowing everything you do about the importance of staying active, exercising is still so hard.

Despite our good intentions and a flood of public health warnings, a great many of us still struggle to get off our butts regularly. Laziness is a feature, not a bug. If that sounds like you, you might find a recent Harvard Magazine article by Jonathan Shaw comforting. It profiles the work of Harvard evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman, and apparently according to his trailblazing research, your couch potato ways are not entirely your fault — humans are actually hard-wired by evolution to tend toward laziness.

In a world where food was scarce, popping out for a recreational jog would be maladaptive — a waste of precious calories. Our ancestors, therefore, evolved to rest as much as possible in order to conserve energy.

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